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Description Example Category
past vs paste I will past the copied text into the textarea Commonly Confused Words
missing hyphen in 'password protected area' I will share the password protected PDF with you. Grammar
Collocation: Passionate by/about I am very passionated by my job. Collocations
Collocation: Participate to/in They participate to many activities, which contains organize laboratory experiments, supervise students research, conducting many lectures and of course, writing textbooks. Collocations
parmesan (Parmesan) He sprinkled grated parmesan over the spaghetti. Upper/Lowercase
park way (parkway) His car parks in the drive way. Grammar
the french (French) Please excuse my french. Upper/Lowercase
Misspellings of 'Papua New Guinea' He was born in Papa New Guinea. Possible Typo
Childish language My papa is the best. Style
perpetuum mobile Tito's perpetuem mobile kept rotating during the stagnant 1970s. Possible Typo
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