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Description Example Category
'19 century' (19th century) We're living in the 21 century Grammar
missing hyphen in 'two factor auth' He enabled 2 factor auth to protect his Facebook account. Grammar
one years (year) old He is only 1 years old. Grammar
Impossible dates (April 31st, etc.) She will join us on 29/02/2022. Semantics
'19 century' (19th century) The 2 century is the period from 101 to 200 in accordance with the Julian calendar. Grammar
missing hyphen in '2 door coupe' He drives a 2 door coupé. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'four car garage' He parks his van in a 4 car basement garage. Grammar
missing hyphen in '3 course meal' He enjoyed the 4 course dinner. Grammar
360 (180) degree change She made a 360 degree change in her life. Possible Typo
Impossible dates (April 31st, etc.) She will join us on 31/02/2022. Semantics
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