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Description Example Category
oxford (Oxford) comma Are you using the oxford comma? Upper/Lowercase
Some phrases that can be simplified The Stoors also had their own dialect of Hobbitish, owing to the fact that they spent some time in Dunland. Plain English
overt he (over the) He jumped overt he fence. Possible Typo
over exaggerated (exaggerated) I enjoy over-exaggerating. Redundant Phrases
over complicated (overcomplicated) The mind is definitely over used in alot of ways. Grammar
over seas (overseas) He was stationed over seas. Possible Typo
over seas (overseas) He was stationed over sea's. Possible Typo
over rated (overrated) The movie was highly over rated. Possible Typo
overnight instead of 'over night' She stayed over night. Commonly Confused Words
over looking (overlooking) We were over looking the Grand Canyon. Possible Typo
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