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Description Example Category
out of sink (sync) The teammates were so badly out of sink. Possible Typo
sigh vs sight It is out of sigh. Commonly Confused Words
missing hyphen in 'one night stand' An out of pocket expense is the direct payment of money that may or may not be later reimbursed from a third-party source. Grammar
no where (nowhere) He came out of no where. Possible Typo
Compound adjective: out of body I had an out of body experience yesterday. Grammar
out grow (outgrow) The little guy would soon out grow his clothes. Possible Typo
out break (outbreak) He is an out going guy. Grammar
in door (indoor) It was warm enough to eat out doors. Grammar
out come (outcome) What was the out come? Possible Typo
'ourself' We witnessed ourself at Southampton this thirteenth day of October. Style
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