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Description Example Category
Agreement error: past participle without 'have' You used to been stupid. Grammar
ought + infinitive (ought to + infinitive) We ought say the truth. Grammar
other wise (otherwise) He was ordered to testify and could not do other wise. Grammar
other then (other than) There was no one other then us at the campsite. Possible Typo
other vs others I will check if this is a problem other also have. Commonly Confused Words
originally born in (born in) I was originally born in Texas. Redundant Phrases
stationary (stationery) The office junior is in charge of ordering our stationary. Possible Typo
or way (was) it Or way that a very recent change in Qt? Possible Typo
hyphen in 'opt in/out' We have many new opt in newsletter subscribers. Grammar
Collocation: Opposite from/to Their house is opposite from ours. Collocations
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