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Description Example Category
al vs. all Al other prices will stay as before. Commonly Confused Words
confusion of 'an' and 'and' He was going an also partying there. Commonly Confused Words
confusion of 'an' and 'and' He is great an he is fast. Commonly Confused Words
Agreement: 'a' + plural word The Syria resolution was an early major milestones for the United Nations. Grammar
Agreement: 'a' + plural word The cat is an animals. Grammar
Agreement: 'a' + plural word I'm learning a programming languages for work. Grammar
ans (and) Me ans my best friend. Commonly Confused Words
off vs of As off yesterday, we are live! Commonly Confused Words
at anytime (any time) You can ask for a refund at anytime. Compounding
leas vs least At leas nobody was affected by this. Commonly Confused Words
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