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Description Example Category
to/two (too) late/soon/much It isn't to small Commonly Confused Words
Non-standard contractions '(I've a...)' I've three new cars. Nonstandard Phrases
I've go to (I've got to) I've go to go. Possible Typo
informal 'gotta' You've gotta new car. Style
informal 'gotta' You've gotta be kidding me. Style
already vs. all ready I've all ready bought it. Commonly Confused Words
accept/except Police found the culprits (accept one). Commonly Confused Words
(c) instead of © Copyright (C) Joanna Bator, 2012 Typography
(c) instead of © Copyright (C) Joanna Bator, 2012 Typography
may be (maybe) I paid (may be) an exorbitant price for this. Possible Typo
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