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Description Example Category
were (we're) Were going to the zoo. Commonly Confused Words
were (where) I guess you are getting a lot of mails were people are asking the same. Commonly Confused Words
were MD Were couldn't we stay again? Possible Typo
were MD Were could we sleep tonight? Possible Typo
mismatched verbs and tag question operators Well, you were there, didn't you? Punctuation
were're → we're While were’re at it Possible Typo
Wendy's I always eat lunch at Wendys. Grammar
wen't (went) I wen't to bed. Grammar
well suiting, well suitable → well suited I found it to be well-suiting my needs. Possible Typo
well suiting, well suitable → well suited The human brain is not particularly well-suiting for thinking analytically Possible Typo
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