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Description Example Category
one die, two dice I had a dice in my hand. Grammar
one foot, two feet I had a shoe on one feet. Grammar
one man, two men A men walked in to the room. Grammar
one woman, two women A women walked in to the room. Grammar
Agreement: 'one' + plural word I drew one hexagons on my paper. Grammar
Agreement error: Non-third person/past tense verb with 'he/she/it' or a pronoun Ann walk to the building. Grammar
Missing comma before 'and, or, nor, yet, so, but' (incomplete) She loves playing the piano and I hate it. Punctuation
Hyphen, n-dash and m-dash In these educational establishments there were enrollments - mostly from elementary school — and a total of teachers. Punctuation
your (you're) Let's see if your using multiple search servers. Commonly Confused Words
were (where/we) They went were he wanted. Possible Typo
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