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Description Example Category
Collocation: came in/into Judy came in the house after greeting her elders. Collocations
n't He does n't like her. Possible Typo
(e)specially He loves cats, specially small ones. Grammar
..., than, ... (then) The genuinely interesting question, than, becomes... Commonly Confused Words
to/two (too) late/soon/much But you can use it for other things, to. Commonly Confused Words
Hyphen, n-dash and m-dash In these educational establishments there were enrollments - mostly from elementary school — and a total of teachers. Punctuation
Hyphen, n-dash and m-dash …— as aforementioned -,… Punctuation
Word contains a ligature LanguageTool finds spelling errors. [The word 'finds' contains a ligature, not the characters f i.] Possible Typo
Smart ellipsis (…) This is important . . . as far as I know. Typography
Readability: Three nouns in a row The security protection software we offer is the state-of-the art achievement. Style
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