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Description Example Category
Double negative (e.g., 'not... nothing' instead of 'not... anything') There won't be nothing much, but please come by my house this evening. Grammar
capitalize proper names, geographic terms, historic episodes... I live on the east coast. Upper/Lowercase
Superfluous article before 'much', e.g. 'a much work' They were surprised to learn that we saw much high conversion towards installation. Grammar
apart of (a part of, apart from) We set it apart of other religions. Possible Typo
They hugged even although (though) they had a fight They hugged even although they had a big fight. Grammar
Missing verb: PRONOUN + NOUN (VERB) We've made a commitment to employees that they will be receiving he info packet by Monday morning. Grammar
Missing verb: PRONOUN + NOUN (VERB) In summary, the Unanimous Consent is being routed to provide the Partnership and it subsidiaries with the requisite authority. Grammar
Missing verb: PRONOUN + NOUN (VERB) You device isn't working. Grammar
'advise', 'help' and 'remind' used with gerund instead of infinitive He reminded staying calm. Grammar
Future date, but verb in past tense On 10/27/2040, we visited the client. Semantics
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