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Description Example Category
arn't → aren't They arn't coming. Grammar
Capitalization of words derived from proper nouns During the decline of the Ottoman Empire, these areas began to balkanize. Typography
brother-in-laws (brothers-in-law) How many brother-in-laws do you have? Possible Typo
brother-in-laws (brothers-in-law) How many brothers-in-laws do you have? Possible Typo
Recommended compounds (smartphone, website, …) Not everyone wants or needs a fancy coffeemaker, and that’s totally fine. Style
oud't, oudn't, ould't → ouldn't They coud't come. Grammar
affect vs effect The medicine shouldn't effect the baby. Commonly Confused Words
would never done (have done) I would never done that. Grammar
couldve (could've) I couldve done it. Grammar
I dont't (don't) He didnt't know about it. Possible Typo
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