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Description Example Category
if it if (is) The rules are tested, which if quite fast. Possible Typo
whim (wing) and a prayer The Lakers appeared to be hanging on a whim and a prayer. Possible Typo
whit vs with I can share that whit you. Commonly Confused Words
White House white house officials are warning Trump against social distancing deadlines. Grammar
whos NN (possessive) Do we know who's banana this is on the table? Possible Typo
who's actual (possessive) Who's actual job is it to make copies around here? Possible Typo
Who + verb (who know's/knows) Who care's? Grammar
who than (then) Please, who than can help! Commonly Confused Words
Noun following 'who' A student who participant in the program Grammar
whole lot (lot) I will read a whole lot of books Redundant Phrases
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