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Description Example Category
[determiner] + [plural noun] verb agreement Luckily, those children gets better education. Grammar
how (are) you doing' how you doing? Grammar
there (their) What would you do in there place? Commonly Confused Words
Adverb repetition: e.g. 'also see also' You may also see also Scotland... Grammar
Comma in 'very very good' It is very very cool. Punctuation
mange vs manage I'll mange it for you. Commonly Confused Words
gues vs guess I gues you are right. Commonly Confused Words
Collocation: in (on) university projects Later, I started working as a Research Assistant in university projects again. Collocations
Collocation: Sit in/at At lunch, I eat with my colleague working or I eat in my desk alone. Collocations
mean something for (to) somebody Does she know what she means for me? Grammar
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