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Description Example Category
THE + RELATIVE + OF, e.g. the worse (worst) of The worse of all is that he doesn't know what to do! Grammar
the (they, there) are The are many people. Grammar
Missing noun: 'The is the' The is the best day of my life. Grammar
with vs width The button with is 200px Commonly Confused Words
the (they) The don't know. Grammar
fall season (fall) The leaves turn red and gold in the fall season. Redundant Phrases
the good new (news) is ... The bad new is that it doesn't work. Possible Typo
capitalize proper names, geographic terms, historic episodes... Some of the most prosperous neighbourhoods of the Netherlands can be found in the Hague. Upper/Lowercase
the how/why (how/why) These are also examples of the how a woman's perspective can contribute to science. Possible Typo
the later (latter) The former test was easy, but the later was difficult. Commonly Confused Words
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