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Description Example Category
the later (latter) The former test was easy, but the later was difficult. Commonly Confused Words
confusion/typo of 'later' and 'latter' The later portions of the process were markedly less rapid. Grammar
capitalize proper names, geographic terms, historic episodes... The middle ages is one of the three major periods in the most enduring scheme for analysing European history. Upper/Lowercase
superlative + 'of all other' He is the most important of all other players. Grammar
the only on (one) The trash folder is the only on for me that works. Possible Typo
Collocation: in/on a team I’m the one Frank Catania need in his team. Collocations
site (side) On the positive site, there are some improvements. Commonly Confused Words
The principle (principal) will hold an assembly tomorrow The principle will hold an assembly tomorrow. Commonly Confused Words
the proof is in the pudding (the proof of the pudding is in the eating) The Proof Is In The Pudding Nonstandard Phrases
the question what (the question of what) This thesis addresses the question how to analyze concepts. Nonstandard Phrases
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