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Description Example Category
missing hyphen in 'double check/click/cross/park' I would always double check before sending a mail. Grammar
compound verb 'dead lift' I can dead lift 200 KG. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'day trade' I would day trade my stocks. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'daisy chain' I will daisy chain it. Grammar
confusion of 'aways' vs. 'always' I would aways lock the door before going to sleep. Possible Typo
verb 'black list' as one word We will black list your work. Compounding
missing 'be' before 'able' Can we able to do achieve this? Grammar
pleas vs please Could you pleas have a look at this? Commonly Confused Words
pleas vs please Could you pease have a look at this? Commonly Confused Words
missing verb after 'will/can/could/would' It will worth your time. Grammar
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