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Description Example Category
Missing possessive: This weeks (week's) meeting This years Labor Day is a new reminder of a timeless truth. Possible Typo
it seams (seems) This seams wrong. Commonly Confused Words
do vs due This is do to our great leadership. Commonly Confused Words
this kind of days (day) This kind of stories is not appropriate for children. Grammar
seen/scene Similar to those scene in the park... Possible Typo
who's (whose) Those who's highest level of education... Possible Typo
a/the + install He performed those installs recently. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'three line' The teacher explained to us what three line octaves are. Compounding
through (throw) away Or we just through away all bugs. Possible Typo
through out (throughout) We felt awkward through out the play. Possible Typo
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