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Description Example Category
He's the best of all times In my opinion, he is still the greatest basketball player of all times. Grammar
superlative + 'of all other' Bill is the tallest of all other boys. Grammar
word (world) This is the best cake in the word. Possible Typo
then (than) This steering wheel is better for the car then the other. Possible Typo
that vs than The amount is more that $10. Commonly Confused Words
that vs than It must be greater that 10 meters. Commonly Confused Words
Comparison with 'than', e.g. 'bigger then (than)' This house is bigger then mine. Grammar
then (than) Everyone and everything moved much faster now then last week. Possible Typo
then (than) Everyone and everything moved much faster now then before. Possible Typo
knew (new) This is very knew to me. Commonly Confused Words
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