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Description Example Category
with out (without) We must take the bus before it leaves with out us. Possible Typo
with the exception of (except) With the exception of Bob, all of the children went running. Redundant Phrases
with(e) Please provide a link withe the updated information. Possible Typo
wither vs either Wither I accompany you to your room or I wait here. Commonly Confused Words
close scrutiny/proximity (scrutiny/proximity) The majority of Jannali's enterprises are located within close proximity to the suburb's railway station. Redundant Phrases
without out (without) Without out a doubt, the internet's power is mighty and far-reaching. Possible Typo
with/in reference to, with/in regard to (about, of, on, for, concerning, regarding) Statement in reference to the book. Plain English
decent (descent) Looking for a hotel with descent rooms. Commonly Confused Words
I won't (want) to be I won't to be happy. Grammar
wold vs. would I wold do it again. Grammar
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