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Description Example Category
key stoke (stroke) Right now, we replace text by simulating the key stokes. Commonly Confused Words
He scary (He is scary) He told me that it not working. Grammar
He scary (He is scary) Yesterday we could view all our metrics in our dashboard however this morning nothing it working. Grammar
were (where) Please name adjectives were a hyphen is missing. Commonly Confused Words
go vs got It go much better. Commonly Confused Words
go vs got It go a lot better. Commonly Confused Words
Collocation: dress with/in She dresses with a coverall. Collocations
he discuses (discusses) We can discus the topic. Commonly Confused Words
He has uses (used) the switch I have not review all the invoices I am sending you. Grammar
He has uses (used) the switch I had not sense of danger or worry over things. Grammar
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