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Description Example Category
confusion of 'it' and 'its' Since 1999 Adelaide and it surrounding areas has hosted the Tour Down Under bicycle race. Grammar
Bob's and I's (my) car David and I's cat chased the dog. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'built in' Apple's new built in module. Grammar
a fleet of ships are (is) A fleet of ships are spotted. Grammar
a fleet of ships have (has) A colony of rats were subsequently found in a landfill near Medicine Hat in 2012. Grammar
a fleet of ships have (has) A fleet of ships have been spotted. Grammar
key stoke (stroke) Right now, we replace text by simulating the key stokes. Commonly Confused Words
He scary (He is scary) He told me that it not working. Grammar
He scary (He is scary) Yesterday we could view all our metrics in our dashboard however this morning nothing it working. Grammar
were (where) Please name adjectives were a hyphen is missing. Commonly Confused Words
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