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Description Example Category
Missing hyphens in compounds Rudolph is a two year-old reindeer. Punctuation
missing hyphen in '2 month cycle' The two year cycle. Grammar
missing hyphen in '100 yard house plan' He ran the 200 yard dash. Grammar
missing hyphen in '8 week semester' He's going on a two week vacation. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'twin-engined He is driving a car with a four stroke engine. Grammar
missing hyphen in '10 story window' Violent Affair guitarist falls out of 10 story building. Grammar
Missing hyphen: number + page/step/star Please check my 4 page survey. Grammar
missing hyphen in '2 seat convertible' He drives a 2 seat convertible. Grammar
missing hyphen in '125 piece puzzle' He wanted to finish the 100 piece puzzle before dawn. Grammar
one ore (or) Type in one ore more words. Possible Typo
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