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Description Example Category
confusion of 'sav' vs. 'save' I will sav money for my car. Possible Typo
save (safe) He could safe my life. Possible Typo
missing hyphen in 'roller skate' I would roller skate down the hill. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'role play' I would role play this character. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'right/left click' I would always right click to copy text. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'peer review' We will peer review your work. Compounding
loose (lose) You can loose so much and gain so little. Commonly Confused Words
before hand (beforehand) I would always hand write my letters. Grammar
before hand (beforehand) I could hand stitch a sweater. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'guilt trip' A pay increase will not guilt trip them into improvements. Grammar
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