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Description Example Category
the french (French) The french won the Soccer World Cup in 2018. Upper/Lowercase
the + verb Many analyzes of animal deseases were performed by the institute. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'one stop' The custom built dealership served as a one stop shop for motorists. Grammar
the hot-dog (hot dog) He was eating a delicious hot-dog. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'catch-all' We plugged our catch all accounts into all our tools without absolutely no problem. Grammar
after noon (afternoon) I will have lunch in the after noon. Grammar
missing hyphen in '2 person meeting' The 10 person meeting took more than 2 hours. Grammar
by pass (bypass) The by pass saved his life. Commonly Confused Words
the how to (how-to) Have you read the how to article? Grammar
missing hyphen in 'in app' Most of their revenue came from in app purchases. Grammar
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