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Description Example Category
out break (outbreak) The out break caused lockdowns all over the word. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'to do' One of your to dos for today is to clean the living room. Grammar
Aftermarket The after life is something that many religions believe in. Grammar
make up (makeup) Her make up looked beautiful. Grammar
a/the + proper noun The google skills are outstanding! Grammar
Black Lives Matter The black lives matter movement. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'all girls' She is attending an all girls high school. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'all knowing' He is an all knowing god. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'all time high' He is the best all time goalscorer. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'many to many' In systems analysis, a many to many relationship is a type of cardinality that refers to the relationship between two entities. Grammar
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