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Description Example Category
wet (whet) your appetite The first John Wayne movie will only serve to wet your appetite. Possible Typo
They's (They'd) already read his biography We's gone over it the night before, but I still didn't feel ready. Grammar
Agreement error: Third-person verb with a non-third-person pronoun They works here. Grammar
he discuses (discusses) We discus the topic. Commonly Confused Words
'intend' vs 'intent' They always intent to change it. Commonly Confused Words
it sais (says) They sai something. Grammar
were are (we are) We're are the favorites to win the championship. Possible Typo
I'm bout (about) to They bout to go crazy. Style
He is never be (He has never been) They aren't ever be able to do that. Grammar
He is never be (He has never been) They are never be able to do that. Grammar
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