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Description Example Category
simple cases of passive voice Other days, Angela is not chosen by Sam. Style
simple cases of passive voice In other temples, Confucius is represented by a memorial tablet. Style
simple cases of passive voice As if in answer to Jimmy's complaint, the city is threatened by a typhoon. Style
harry's (Harry's) I think we should do it because harry is happy. Upper/Lowercase
here (hear) Glad to here that! Commonly Confused Words
here (hear) I hope to here from you soon. Commonly Confused Words
Thanks (Thank) you No, but thanks you. Possible Typo
confusion of 'it' and 'its' If it OK, proceed to the final version for signature. Grammar
its vs it is Let me know when the market attempts it's first rally, which it will always do after a number of days. Possible Typo
git vs get I wanted to git a new one for Christmas. Commonly Confused Words
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