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Description Example Category
'to' + non-base form I've decided to renamed the project. Grammar
'to' + non-base form I've decided to bought. Grammar
extend (extent) To a great extend, psychological explanations prove satisfactory. Commonly Confused Words
decree vs. degree To a large decree, this is already finished. Commonly Confused Words
Aide in wrong context I want to aide you in a task. Commonly Confused Words
Architect as a verb I would like to architect a house Commonly Confused Words
to backout (back out) There's still time to backout of the deal. Possible Typo
to blackout (black out) He didn't want to blackout in front of his professor. Possible Typo
'to both ...' with more than two items It allows us to both grow, focus, and flourish. Semantics
cleanup / clean up He promised to cleanup his room. Commonly Confused Words
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