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Description Example Category
its vs it is I think its like having a grammar friend everwhere I go. Possible Typo
youre vs your I think youre car is broken. Possible Typo
ever vs every I think ever user is happy now. Commonly Confused Words
its vs it is I think its someone else's problem. Possible Typo
Third World Children living in third world countries deserve better healthcare. Upper/Lowercase
This (These) types of projects We look to you for help in this lists of products. Grammar
Plural verb after 'this' or 'that' This girl have beautiful eyes. Grammar
this + plural noun + verb (these) Can LanguageTool find this errors? Grammar
'this' vs. 'these' If this errors are easy to fix... Grammar
This (These) types of projects Fortunately, this types of projects have many common pitfalls, which we can try to avoid. Grammar
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