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Description Example Category
he discuses (discusses) I'm happy to discus the next steps. Commonly Confused Words
missing hyphen in 'to do' Many of the to do's comments were explaining the issue. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'to do' He was working on finishing the to do list. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'to do' I have plenty of to dos on my plate. Grammar
Collocation: do/throw/have a party A new roommate has moved in, so we decided to do a party with all of us. Collocations
I emphasis (emphasize) I wanted to emphasis the task. Grammar
Collocation: to found/find a cure It took a while to found a cure for malaria. Collocations
affect vs effect We tried appeasing the rain gods, but to no affect. Commonly Confused Words
I priorities (prioritize) I wanted to priorities the task. Grammar
Thank (Thanks) I have to thanks Carl for the help. Possible Typo
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