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Description Example Category
that kind of days (day) I don't like this kind of stories. Grammar
that kind of days (day) This kind of stories are not appropriate for children. Grammar
This weeks' (week's) This weeks' meeting was rescheduled. Grammar
'this' vs. 'these' This years election will change everything. Grammar
this (these) two men This two men have nothing in common. Grammar
Plural verb after 'this' or 'that' This are the options. Grammar
make or break (make-or-break) This is a make or break moment for Germany. Compounding
seen/scene We watched the opening seen of the play. Possible Typo
sees vs seems It sees to happen every time I close the windows. Commonly Confused Words
Missing possessive: This weeks (week's) meeting This years Labor Day is a new reminder of a timeless truth. Possible Typo
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