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Description Example Category
believe (belief) It is my strong believe that something has to be changed. Commonly Confused Words
prove (proof) Their prove is wrong. Commonly Confused Words
Big in size, yellow in color, etc. The man is big in size. Redundant Phrases
Collocation: lunch to/for The lunch to the guests is ready. Collocations
a/the + install My attempted uninstall worked. Grammar
SUPERLATIVE + THAN, e.g. worst (worse) than That's worst than before! Grammar
easiest was (way) to What is the fastest was to learn Spanish? Possible Typo
He's the best of all times In my opinion, he is still the greatest basketball player of all times. Grammar
superlative + 'of all other' Bill is the tallest of all other boys. Grammar
word (world) This is the best cake in the word. Possible Typo
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