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Description Example Category
affect vs effect The ban took affect at midnight. Commonly Confused Words
tool long (too long) I was away for tool long. Possible Typo
missing hyphen in 'top down' They went with a top down approach. Grammar
tor vs to I'm unable tor find my keys. Commonly Confused Words
Such torn foolery (tomfoolery) is inexcusable Such torn foolery is inexcusable. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'toss up' Texas became a toss up state ahead of the election. Grammar
tot he (to the) The Hitchhiker's Guide tot he Galaxy Possible Typo
Touch point (Touchpoint) We have multiple touch points with our users. Compounding
tow (two) Sorry for my tow kids. Possible Typo
tow (toe) the line We'll tow the line. Possible Typo
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