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Description Example Category
out of the way (out-of-the-way) etc. Tom had a really nice out of the box replacement. Punctuation
out of place (out-of-place) etc. This is an out of place word. Punctuation
the + headquarter I wanted to visit Google's headquarter. Grammar
sate (state) He is in a whole new sate. Commonly Confused Words
light weight (lightweight) It is fast and light weight. Possible Typo
ad (and) They discussed the environmental, economic ad social aspects. Grammar
Typos that result in swear words There was a yellow rubber fuck in the bathtub. Style
what it (is) happening He didn't know what it going on. Commonly Confused Words
youre vs your Please update the sheets with youre results. Possible Typo
your (you) This is for you and you family! Possible Typo
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