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Description Example Category
compound verb 'dead lift' I want to dead lift 200 KG. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'double check/click/cross/park' I forgot to double check my mail before sending it. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'green lights' I forgot to green light it. Compounding
missing hyphen in 'guilt trip' Try to guilt trip the customer. Grammar
before hand (beforehand) I forgot to hand write a letter. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'peer review' Can you please peer review this document? Compounding
missing hyphen in 'right/left click' I forgot to right click and copy. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'role play' I wanted to role play him today. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'roller skate' I forgot to roller skate today. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'strong arm' I want to strong arm myself. Grammar
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