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Description Example Category
Uncle Bens -> Ben's I like to eat Uncle Bens rice. Grammar
unclear (nuclear) There are hundreds of unclear missiles. Commonly Confused Words
under appreciate (underappreciate) He under appreciates her skills. Grammar
under cover (undercover) He is an under cover agent. Grammar
under appreciate (underappreciate) The fish live under water. Grammar
under wear (underwear) Designer's Under Wear Possible Typo
unicode (Unicode) The unicode standard defines almost 150,000 characters. Upper/Lowercase
Unite Kingdom -> United Kingdom I live in the unite kingdom. Possible Typo
Unite State -> United States As late as 1959, Anne Cole, one of the United State's largest swimsuit designers, said, "It's nothing more than a G-string. Possible Typo
capitalize proper names, geographic terms, historic episodes... The united states elected a new president. Upper/Lowercase
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