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Description Example Category
confusion of 'it' and 'its' He has concerns on it movement. Grammar
on a daily base (basis) We will do this on a daily base. Commonly Confused Words
me (I) He gave it to Tim and I. Possible Typo
its vs it is Google should filter it's content. Possible Typo
'The' or 'a' before a punctuation Another example of chimpanzee to human aggression occurred February 2009 in Stamford, Connecticut, when a , 14-year-old pet chimp named Travis attacked his owner's friend. Grammar
ease (easy) This looks pretty ease to me. Commonly Confused Words
Word order: Wrong position of adverb, e.g. 'Always I am happy. (I am always happy.)' I will love always you. Style
I saw it and I (0) should have said something to you Well I saw it and I should have said something to you. Style
Collocation: photo with/of + POSSESSIVE PRONOUN + NOUN This is a photo with his cat. Collocations
its vs. it's I have decided that its time to leave. Possible Typo
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