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Description Example Category
Unite State -> United States I live in the united state. Possible Typo
Unites (United) He lives in the unites states. Commonly Confused Words
Untied (United) States The Untied States of America Commonly Confused Words
until such time as (until) He may keep the key until such time as he resigns. Plain English
news worthy (newsworthy) The event was very popular and seemed news worthy. Grammar
up to date (up-to-date) The software is up 2 date. Compounding
missing hyphens in 'up and coming' See all these up and coming talented players. Compounding
up date (update) Please up date your smartphone to the latest version. Grammar
up to data (date) The software is not up to data. Possible Typo
up to date (up-to-date) That is an up to date software. Compounding
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