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Description Example Category
Ursula von der Leyen Ursula Van de Leyen is a German politician and the President of the European Commission Grammar
Possessive apostrophe error Check out our Valentines discount. Possible Typo
Apostrophe in holidays (Mother's Day) What did you do on Valentines day last year? Typography
capitalize proper names, geographic terms, historic episodes... What did you do on Valentine's day last year? Upper/Lowercase
Collocation: varieties in/of They should increase varieties in food. Collocations
very known (very well-known, well-known) He is a very known actor. Nonstandard Phrases
said vs sad He is very said. Commonly Confused Words
very thanks (thanks a lot) Very thanks! Grammar
tankful vs thankful I'm very tankful for your help. Commonly Confused Words
very unique (unique) Walk until you see the very unique building on your right. Redundant Phrases
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