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Description Example Category
If you read a lot, you’ll learn a lot, and vice a versa (vice versa) If you read a lot, you’ll learn a lot, and vice a versa. Grammar
Victoria's Secret She is wearing hear new Victorias Secret underwear. Grammar
video tape (videotape) He has watched all video tapes. Compounding
Hyphen in 'click through rate' Our new ad has a much higher click through rate. Compounding
vintage (vantage) point There was a great vintage point on the back side of the hill. Possible Typo
china (China) I always wanted to visit china Upper/Lowercase
vitamin C Prolonged storage or cooking may reduce Vitamin C content in foods. Grammar
Collocation: vulnerable from/to We do want to differ from other solutions where you must redirect all your domain names to a service provider, leaving your server vulnerable from direct attacks and having you hassle with domain records all the time. Collocations
was aloud (allowed) No dancing was aloud. Possible Typo
was lain (laid) The body was lain beside his wife in the cemetery. Possible Typo
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