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Description Example Category
Collocation: waiting (to) finish I am waiting my patient finish the sample collection. Collocations
waiting (for) a patient Anne is waiting her patient. Collocations
Collocation: waiting after (for) someone I am waiting after her. Collocations
waived (waved) off The offsides call was waived off by the referee. Possible Typo
missing hyphen in 'wake up call' His normal wake up time is at 7:30 am. Grammar
though (through) Let me walk you though the materials. Possible Typo
a long (along) He drives a long the road. Compounding
Compound adjective: wall to wall This wall to wall carpeting is exquisite. Grammar
walled vs wallet The king is hiding in a wallet city. Commonly Confused Words
Walter Reed Hospital The Walter Read Army Medical Center was the U.S. Army's flagship medical center from 1909 to 2011. Grammar
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