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Description Example Category
tech vs teach I want to tech them about history. Commonly Confused Words
he discuses (discusses) I'd like to discus this topic with you. Commonly Confused Words
at a lose (at a loss) I hate to loss football games. Commonly Confused Words
choice vs choose I'd like to choice a new one. Commonly Confused Words
delivery vs deliver I'd like to delivery your parcel. Commonly Confused Words
departure vs depart I'd like to departure at 8 pm. Commonly Confused Words
stationary (stationery) Save 50% on all office stationary. Possible Typo
ware vs wear I will ware a black dress. Commonly Confused Words
mismatched verbs and tag question operators I was late, didn't I? Punctuation
mismatched verbs and tag question operators It was a little off, didn't it? Punctuation
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