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Description Example Category
Comma before closing parenthesis Its villages include Dreibelbis (also in Greenwich Township,) Edenburg, and Windsor Castle. Punctuation
Confusion of mars/Mars The planet mars has. Commonly Confused Words
Confusion of mans/men Sorry for my mans manners. Commonly Confused Words
a/the + install Yesterday we had more than 1000 new installs. Grammar
Missing past tense for 'used to...' I didn't know Tom use to live in Boston. Grammar
Word order: Wrong position of adverb, e.g. 'Always I am happy. (I am always happy.)' I always will love you. Style
ones (one's) One should always wash ones feet in the morning. Possible Typo
your (you're) Your so annoying! Commonly Confused Words
I have to do laundry while its (it's) still sunny If you are going abroad, its necessary to have a passport. Grammar
its vs. it's Its where people walk around. Possible Typo
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