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Description Example Category
one woman, two women A women walked in to the room. Grammar
one man, two men A men walked in to the room. Grammar
one foot, two feet I had a shoe on one feet. Grammar
one die, two dice I had a dice in my hand. Grammar
I wonder where they're (they are). I mean, he's tried everything that I'd. Grammar
confusion of though/thought At first I though that we should focus on customers who want to diversify their unique risks. Grammar
They were used to hunt (for hunting) partridges They are used to hunt partridges. Style
Noun vs verb Those are the users who often checkout my new website. Grammar
Everything went good (well) until I checked out the competition Everything went good until I checked out the competition. Grammar
Remove comma after Oxford list, before predicate Speech, language, and voice disorders such as apraxia, aphasia, and spasmodic dysphonia, affect the vocal cords, nerves, muscles, and brain structures. Punctuation
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