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Description Example Category
to/two (too) late/soon/much I have seen it way to many times. Commonly Confused Words
seen or scene He scent the package. Possible Typo
we + ... + are + base form verb (gerund) Today we still are fly to space. Grammar
Agreement: 'I is / you is / ... ' We is too old for that. Grammar
Agreement: 'I is / you is / ... ' We isn't too old for that. Grammar
out (our) We evaluated out method. Possible Typo
emphatic reflexive pronouns (I myself) We ourselves must do it. Plain English
missing apostrophe We re going out tonight. Typography
Collocation: in/on the foot He is wearing a crocs in my feet. Collocations
weather proof (weatherproof) He is wearing a bullet proof vest that eventually will save his life. Grammar
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