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Description Example Category
if we can't we ... If I can't we'll record a short Zoom meeting. Punctuation
the/a responds (response) Thanks for the responds. Possible Typo
article + possessive form The my car is in the garage. Collocations
a bail out (bailout) The bail out was too expensive. Possible Typo
DT VBZ they're (their) NN And if another is they're boyfriend, I will be angry. Possible Typo
if (of) They didn't like this kind if racist treatment. Possible Typo
industry leading (industry-leading) She is an industry leading expert in this field. Possible Typo
filed vs field Do you have any experience in the filed of IT security. Commonly Confused Words
Wordiness: very small He came to a very small house. Redundant Phrases
Collocation: a diversity of colors OR diverse colors The diversity nature of this work is appealing to many. Collocations
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