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Description Example Category
give/any/of advise (advice) Any advise is welcome! Commonly Confused Words
In a hastily way He did it in a hastily manner. Commonly Confused Words
confusion of 'an' and 'and' It happened two an a half years ago Commonly Confused Words
Incorrect possessive form after a number At the time, Guider was working just two day's drive from Narooma, in a Canberra suburb. Grammar
Possible agreement error: numeral + singular countable noun I have five book. Grammar
two tank's (tanks) He has two tank's Typography
Number + 'week's time' (weeks' time) "he'll be sailing around the world in two week's time. Possible Typo
seconde vs seconds It only took 2 seconde. Commonly Confused Words
hears vs years I was only 12 hears old when it happened. Commonly Confused Words
'ten fold' written as one word The US sees a 3 fold increase of deaths due to corona. Grammar
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