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Description Example Category
with(e) Please provide a link withe the updated information. Possible Typo
wither vs either Wither I accompany you to your room or I wait here. Commonly Confused Words
close scrutiny/proximity (scrutiny/proximity) The majority of Jannali's enterprises are located within close proximity to the suburb's railway station. Redundant Phrases
without out (without) Without out a doubt, the internet's power is mighty and far-reaching. Possible Typo
with/in reference to, with/in regard to (about, of, on, for, concerning, regarding) Statement in reference to the book. Plain English
decent (descent) Looking for a hotel with descent rooms. Commonly Confused Words
I won't (want) to be I won't to be happy. Grammar
wold vs. would I wold do it again. Grammar
wold (world) This is the largest cake in the wold. Possible Typo
wolfs vs wolves He is scared of the wolfs. Grammar
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