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Description Example Category
7 o'clock AM (7 o'clock) It's 7 o'clock AM. Redundant Phrases
7 o'clock AM (7 o'clock) It's 7 o'clock a.m. Redundant Phrases
missing hyphen in '2 month cycle' He's going on a two month vacation. Grammar
missing hyphen in '2 mile race' He was wining the 10 mile race. Grammar
missing hyphen in '1000 word essay' He needed a 2 letter scrabble word. Grammar
to/two (too) late/soon/much You’re 7 years to late. Commonly Confused Words
missing hyphen in '22 inch monitor' He bought the all-new 16 inch macbook. Grammar
missing hyphen in '24 hour motel' The 24 hour walmart never closes down. Grammar
missing hyphen in 'two headed monster' A 6 headed monster was part of my nightmare. Grammar
missing hyphen in '7 figure salary' He earns a 6 figure salary. Grammar
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