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Description Example Category
A couple or (of) them went the other way Injuries are part or the sport. Possible Typo
Their elicit (illicit) behavior got them expelled There was a time when women wearing pants was seen as elicit. Commonly Confused Words
brows vs browse It lets users brows the web. Commonly Confused Words
Smart quotes (“”) This is a ("test") Typography
Readability: Four nouns in a row BAe ATP, a British Aerospace turboprop passenger aircraft designed for the short range market. Style
Readability: Three nouns in a row I suggested that there may be some way to fix this through a price adjustment mechanism in the fixed price or volumes or through a separate indemnification in the "fee letter". Style
Smart ellipsis (…) This is important... as far as I know. Typography
Non-standard comma Be careful, because this is not a standard comma. Typography
Non-standard comma Be careful,this is not a standard comma. Typography
were (where) The "runners" where running at the same time. Commonly Confused Words
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