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Description Example Category
comprised of The ants would comprise of the colony. Possible Typo
would be nice, if (no comma) Would you mind, if you could take a look. Punctuation
He complaint/restraint (complained/restrained) I could have complaint but I went on. Grammar
rater vs rather I would rater go home now. Commonly Confused Words
woun't → wouldn't, won't They woun't come. Grammar
handover (hand over) I will handover my work until tomorrow. Grammar
wrack (rack) one's brain about He wracked his brain about it. Possible Typo
wreck (wreak) havoc The hurricane would go on to wreck havoc up and down the coast. Possible Typo
Write on my page That is written in page 21. Collocations
'written in verses (verse)' The tale was written in verses. Commonly Confused Words
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