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Description Example Category
years-old (years old|year-old) Participants in the study were 40-70 years-old. Grammar
Collocation: yell on/at Lily yelled on him. Collocations
Wrong phrase: 'yesterday night' (last night) I was there yesterday night. Collocations
confusion of yet alone → let alone I've never even heard of, yet alone tried. Commonly Confused Words
your (you're) You're optimization is a good example. Commonly Confused Words
you're (your) JJS NN I'd like to buy you're greenest banana please. Possible Typo
responds vs. response Thanks for you kind response. Possible Typo
you/your (you're) Do you have you camera with you? Possible Typo
Missing verb: PRONOUN + NOUN (VERB) If you anyone wants to go, let me know. Grammar
you are requested (please) you are requested to sit down. Plain English
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